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Hundreds of guests, all in anticipation of a wedding invite. There are a few old friends, the kinds you make in school. You shared classes, games and the football field. They are the kinds you crave to see, and every time you do, your twinkle! Some of them are married, some have young kids, some others are exploring their world further, but they are all precious, have always been. There are those roommates from your college days, people you grew independent with, those who once knew you better than you. There is your grandmother's cousin who used to shower her love on you when you were tiny, and then she moved abroad. But, oh the memories, they feel so real. There's that aunt who'd get you wonderful presents every time she was visiting, and her annoying daughter who took all your chocolates. There are so many of them, all so close. You'd do anything to come, visit again, won't you? And, on your special day, how'd you feel with them in the field, their blessings and wishes with you, always!

And then, there also the ones who have stuck by through the thick and thin- the constant, the close family members, the colleagues from office, the neighbors and so on. The big fat Indian wedding, indeed. It's beautiful and exceedingly comforting to have a life filled with as many people, but it's also quite a task to invite them all to your wedding, and make them all feel extra special. Well, we intend to make it a tad easier.

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Indian Wedding Invitation Card
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designer Wedding Invitation Card

To begin with, the invites. We offer a wide range of invites to choose from. These are templates, which are them customized in accordance with your chosen theme. If you have the time, we are also happy to send out customized invitations to some, or even all of your guests.

Wedding invites range from the simple, elegant and classy to the slightly quirky. A simple 'open the envelope' card does the trick just all well as its more fancy counterparts and is a popular cost effective selection. These invites could be studded with artificial stones, printed on exquisite paper, embossed on silk sheets and so on. The available colours, designs and patterns are plenty. Next are the box cards, or the book cards. Again, wide range, these are slightly bigger and look like a 'package'. It's easy to include a small gift, or try fancy maneuvers like the scroll, the love arrow and more. Other ideas include the credit card invite, passport invitations, the pagdi box, the CD invite, the video book invite, the sound clip invites, the photo album invite, the comic strip invites and more.

So, we are waiting to create your perfect wedding invite. Are you?


The different type of wedding invitation cards available with us are as following :

Designer Cards : Starting INR 79/-
Fabric Cards : Starting INR 89/-
Laser Invitation : Starting INR 99/-
Scroll Invitations : Starting INR 139/-
Theme Cards : Starting INR 179/-
Wedding Boxes : Starting INR 199/-
Digital e-Cards : Starting INR 2899/-

NOTE : For designer cards, we accept a minimum booking of 200 cards. For all other cards, we accept a minimum booking of 100 cards.
You can avail attractive discounts on bulk booking.
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