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The railway station bidai from DDLJ, the phunsuk wangdu scene at the beach in 3 idiots, and the venues of the innumerable wedding scenes our movies have showcased- don't you think it's significant that even though the movies have faded away just a little bit, the venues, the sets and the décor - they've all left imprints on our memory that'd last a very long time.

The Best Wedding Planners in Delhi strive to create a wedding venue that'll stay in the memory of all your guests for a very long time. The ambience has to mirror that of a star restaurant, the décor must be impeccable, the music and the theme should go well together, the temperature must be comfortable, the humidity in check and the rains accounted for. The venue must sing of perfection. But, most importantly, every element must come together to narrate your personal story.

And of course, we are talking Indian weddings. A singular Wedding Venue is unlikely to work. We are happy people, who believe in gran festivities. The engagement, the haldi, the mehendi, the bachelors, the cocktails, the sangeet, the jaimala, the pheras, the bidai, the reception and so on- the ceremonies and events are endless, and most of them have an individuality that is hard to capture. And, well, assuming that your wedding would be a once in a lifetime experience, how about making them all events to remember?

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Every ceremony deserves a perfect venue- one that is crafted with great care to perfection, one that has the perfect décor, be it the colour of the drapes, the lights, the music, the proximity to an open space, the ventilation or the size, a perfect venue is worth ticking off elements on a checklist.

Venues come in all shapes and sizes, and with divers facilities. Green rooms, changing rooms, plug points, equipment support, accessibility, ceiling height, wiring and weather suitability are just a few things for one to keep in mind while looking for he perfect venue for every single one of the wedding's events. When a seemingly simple selection process can be as technical, the significance of professional assistance can barely be emphasized enough.

So, here's offering a wide range of farmhouses, banquet halls, clubs, discs, reception halls, gardens and more. Let the Best Wedding Planners in Delhi make the perfect choice, at the most cost effective prices. And then, you can tell us all about your dream wedding so that a team of expert decorators and technicians can bring it to life. Here's wishing you a 'perfect venue' wedding!


We charge a convenience fee for Venue Booking :

  Venue Budget   Our Service Fee
  <5 lacs   INR 999/-
  5-10 lacs   INR 1999/-
  10-20 lacs   INR 3999/-
  20 lacs+   INR 4999/-
  Destination Wedding   INR 9,999/-

Terms :
- The service fees is charged as an initiation fee, payable before starting the venue hunt.
- The fees include services by Jubilation’s experts and Venue Experts, helping you find the best venue at the best price.
- The Venue expert will help you with negotiation and booking.
- If the venue booking is done through Jubilation, you can avail attractive discounts on Decoration, Entertainment and other services.
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