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It's a nervous hush in the room with footsteps ringing, as faces turn and gazes fall on a beautifully veiled bride, wearing passionate red and royal gold, with her shy but attractive fragility accentuated with her eyes on the ground and a walk. But, as the bride lifts her chin and faces her groom-to-be, hearts skip a beat and the onlookers stand overwhelmed and in-love. For with loud yet striking eyes and a smouldering mouth, the bride shed her innocence and revealed her passions and her emotions, all at once.

It's one thing to look a plain, ordinary, traditional bride-to-be; of course, simplicity is elegance in its truest sense. But it's an altogether another thing to be dull, indifferent, and terribly lazy a bride-to-be. Especially when it comes to being socially presentable that is almost always driven by elegant bride attire, gorgeous hair, and most importantly, impeccable make up. We, at Jubilation, hope to make you, as brides, not only the centre of all attention and awe, but also help you be confident and at-ease, all at the same time.

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Have the most appropriate make-up on your face as different types of light shine on your face, be it LED or sunlight, or as weather conditions vary at each point of your wedding day, is an extremely important factor that makes the day more special for you. Make-up also makes tremendous amounts of difference to a bride's personality, so much as going from suppressing one to beautifully accentuating it. Jubilation takes care in understanding your skin, the shape of your face, the contour of your cheeks and your neck, and the various factors that affect the style of makeup. Keeping that in mind, we offer several styles of makeup, including air brush, pre-bridal, HD, party, and bridal makeup.


Bridal Makeup
(Wedding / Engagement)

Senior Artist
Starting INR 14,999 + TAXES

Celebrity Artist
Starting INR 24,999 + TAXES

Party Makeup
(Family Members)

Senior Artist
Starting INR 4,999 + TAXES

Celebrity Artist
Starting INR 9,999 + TAXES

Basic Makeup

Junior Artist
Starting INR 3,499 + TAXES

Outstation Makeup

Depends on the destination
(We will take care of travel and stay)

Please get in touch with us to know prices for Airbrush and HD Makeup. We give attractive discounts on bulk booking.
Note: These prices are inclusive of Makeup, Hairdo, Nail paint, and Draping.
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