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As far as Indian weddings go, there is no such thing as enough cars. We are a family oriented society, and we love to celebrate as one. We can't fathom our weddings without bhaiya ke kaka ki beti ke mama! With s many people and a range of exotic wedding venues, there sure is the need to have a fleet drive everyone around. And then, of course there are always the hourly trips to the railway station and airport.

As cabs scream of monotony, and well, we have seen quite a few luxury cars, most of us are looking for something extra special. The audis, limousines, Mercedes, jaguars and BMWs seem to have made a point and exemplified luxury. They have also been around the wedding scene for a while, and, well, a fleet of limousines could be worth a fortune. Luxury vintage care bring along a rustic touch to the glamour and extravagance of a wedding, the royal shade they add is unparalleled, and the only transportation more royal would be an impractical herd of elephants.

luxury cars
Wedding Luxury Cars in delhi
Luxury Wedding Cars
Luxury Wedding Car in Delhi

We bring to your doorstep a wide range of vintage cars- from the original white ambassador to the dark green, beige and maroon, with chauffeurs dressed as escorts to the royalty. Make your guests feel like kings, queens, princes and princesses, let the best of those from another era escort their highness to the wedding grounds, perfectly decorated by some of India' best wedding planners.

Despite their age, and the rustic feel they bring to the celebrations, rest assured of their working condition. Having been in the business for a little more than a very long time, we have identified the best providers in the market, and have also built our own technical expertise for the times less foreseen. To take care of these beauties, we hire some of the best-trained wedding chauffeurs, perfect to the t.

And, well, vintage cars don't have to come in fleets. We have flexible alternatives that allow the hiring of a few vintage cars for the immediate family, or even just one for the special two to drive away in. All vintage care are equipped with modern stereos, are air conditioned to beat the heat and are well maintained. For your special day, they are decorated with your favourite flowers, be it roses, lilies, orchids or tulips. They could, if you so choose, bear imprints of your names, initials or even pictures of you with your significant other.

So, are you ready for a super special vintage ride?


Following Cars are available in Doli and for other occasions as well:

Premium Range :

- Mercedes GLA/ MLA/ S Class/ E250
- Audi A3 Cabriolet Convertible/ A4/ A6/ A8L/ Q7
- BMW 3/ 5/ 7 Series
- Jaguar XF/ XJL
- Land Rover
- Modified Jeep
- Vintage Cars

Supreme Range :

- Limousine Modified/ Chrysler 300
- Rolls Royce
- Bentley
- Audi R8

Exotic Range :

- Rolls Royce Convertible
- Bentley Flyingspur
- Mini cooper S and Convertible
- BMW M6
- BMW 330D Convertible
- Mercedes SLK350
- Ferrari 328 GTS 1987
- Chevi Corvair 1967
- Standard Harald

NOTE : Contact us to get the best prices and more options. A ROYAL CONVOY can be built for weddings and other occasions.
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