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Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding encompasses a world of ideas, specialties, networks and knowledge. And despite best efforts, an amateur wedding celebration craves professional expertise. A life transforming experience couldn't have been simple after all. With an endless to do list amidst of overwhelming emotions, planning a wedding comes across as a mammoth task. But, Delhi's best wedding planners are here to assure you of a smooth ride. From the making of he guest list to wishing you adieu as you leave for your honeymoon, we are by your side through every little step.

We exist to make your special day memorable and bountiful. And thus, we plan that day with great care and to the finest of details. Some of the most experienced Wedding Planners in Delhi head our teams to make sure that every need is taken care of. It begins with the finalization of the dates and the hunt for a suitable wedding venue. With an abundant list of providers accessible with ease, it is critical that every venue is personally checked for adequacy. And with us, all venues have been verified even before we start. With your collaboration, we finalize the venues for all major events and work towards the next steps.

We love stories, and we spend some time listening to yours. Once we have, we put together an array of services for you to choose from, we use your selections to create your personal wedding package. Each service is used to tell your personal stories, so that you can create memories to last a lifetime. Every invite mirrors your love and commitment and is sent out with great care. We then work with a team of expert decorators to ensure that every venue looks astounding and revolves around your chosen theme. And then, we crave another story. We give you a call to tell you what we have in mind, and ask you the details of your dream wedding.

A team of expert photographers, decorators, entertainers, artists, planners and technicians is then put together to work upon our ideas till they begin to reflect your dreams. We then set out to shop for spices- the best materials are selected, the more cost effective vendors hired and the most popular artists booked for your big day. Your assigned team then goes over every single detail of your aspired wedding including travel, hospitality, transportation & vintage cars, bouquets, catering, décor, lightening, photo-shoots and videos, gifting ideas, DJs, hospitality, ceremonial needs, music and more.

All details accomplished, we reach your wedding venue before you to make sure it's in good shape to welcome you. Your dream wedding is then painted to perfection for you and your loved ones to enjoy. And, there we are, by your side, every step of the way.

We await your special day, and would to love to add to it some shine. May we?

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