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Your wedding day- a day that promises to transform your life forever, to ensure that you have company for the rest of your life! A day of enormous significance, shining in its magnanimous glory. And, just about how many times have we heard that Indian weddings signify the union of two families? That weddings are about more than two individuals who have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together, but about their families, relatives, friends and so on. Pretty much everyone they know.

In a fast paced world, a lot of loved ones reside in different parts of the world. The bhuaji in Texas, the mamu in Sydney, the brother in UAE and so on. And for all these people who have decided to find an abode ashore, your wedding is a very special day. They have managed their leaves, preplanned their work commitments, booked their tickets and packed their bags. They will fly down for your special day, with lots of gifts and the same old warm hug. And even though they are family, we'd like them to have a very comfortable stay.

There's also the kaki in Jamnagar who never left town until your wedding, the long lost distant cousins who'll be coming all the way from Benaras and the uncle who has an army posting in Ladak- they will all be there. Given the effort they put in travelling the distance, isn't it on us to make sure that their time at your wedding is well worth it?

Event Manpower in Delhi

Wedding Hospitality in Delhi
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Wedding Hospitality in india
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And also the relatives, friends and colleagues from within the city- don't they all tweak their schedules to make you feel special? Their hearts filled with warmth and their minds overjoyed, they all find their way to the wedding on your special day, and we'd love nothing more than to be able to help a tad bit.

Hospitality ceased to be a service long back- it is a passionate expression of warm feelings. We at Jubilation have acquired a little sense of being able to make all your guests feel important, welcomed and at ease. From transportation, ticketing, arrangements to drive down to the wedding venue, hotel bookings, food, extended stays and other logistics to packing all your loved ones a goodie bag of sweets, memoirs and pictures or a personalized gift that says thank you, we have got it all covered.

So, give us the chance to make your loved ones feel extraordinarily special on your special day, a chance to make them smile wide and live your wedding as a memory to be treasured a lifetime.

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