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Mehendi Themes

We know you want your Mehendi to be a memorable one. Mehendi functions are much more than getting squiggly lines drawn on your hands. They are causes of dancing, joy and celebration. Thus, we have some really cool ideas that will surely spice up things for your guests and ensure they will have a great time! We believe in always having a good time and making things memorable for our guests.

Thus, we have food contests, Tattoo artists (No, we are not talking about permanent ones! You can always wash them off when you feel like.),Tug of War (We don’t want the men to get bored, do we? You can organise a tug of war between the guys to show off their strength and have fun while they do it.), the old tradition of ‘Jaago’ (We all love Punjabi weddings, don’t we? It is time we take a leaf out of their book. The Jaago ritual is a tradition where a colourful matki is kept on your head.), Gola and Ice Cream stand (Who doesn’t love ice creams?) and Crystal Ball Readers and Palmists to make the event all the more memorable for you.

We look for finesse and perfection in everything we do. We decide the theme after careful consideration and according to your likes and dislikes. We make sure you are satisfied with what you get. Jubilation stands for you and happiness is what we provide!

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