Wedding Equipment and Supply Rentals


Wedding entertainment, like any good form of entertainment doesn't come easy. When the stage is set, the artists and performers finalized and the big day decided upon, well, it's just the beginning.

The entertainment industry has been around for longer than any of us, and yet, in today's times it's growing faster than ever. Despite it's age, why id it that's it's caught speed just about now? The answer is technology. Technical advancement, customized equipment and globalized performance standards make it possible for NYC's most popular band to be able to perform at your wedding, for the most popular celebrities to perform on most fitting sound tracks, and for talented DJs to mix the beats.

A successful performance is likely to need numerous equipment including LED power lights, liver mixer, truss, line arrays and production supplies to name a few. The first challenge is knowledge- information about the requirements of every performer, their preferred variant and that of substitutes is critical, and difficult to obtain. The first hurdle crossed, the market for these supplies is vast and incredibly small at the same time. Owing to high informational asymmetry and the technical nature of the requirements, genuine and cost effective dealers are hard to find. Once you so, the rent has to be negotiated upon, emphasizing the need for market knowledge. Next up, is the transportation of these equipment to the wedding venue, setting them up, checking the working, repairing any faulty equipment and ensuring perfect utility. And, all this work for every performance. Tiring, is it not?

Well, as we say- we are by your side every step of the way. All you need to do is tell us your preferred performers. We get them, and any equipment they might need. The rentals are negotiated, quality checked, usability ensured and transportation taken care of. The best-qualified technicians take care of the set up. Repair needs are catered to instantly and all you need to do is it back and enjoy!

From decorative rice lights, LED lamps, chandeliers, production equipment, sound systems, mixers, speakers and microphones to drum sets, guitars, act props and cable wirings, we have rented out the best of equipment several times, and it's worked brilliantly. Along the way, we have picked up tricks of the trade; we have learnt the market and have identified the most reliable vendors. We have learnt a little something about negotiation, repairs and transportation. With years of work behind us, we promise you a hassle free wedding.

Wedding entertainment solutions were never more accessible, and we at Jubilation Events would love nothing but to give you the very best. With the best technical experts in India supervising your wedding celebrations, and most experienced wedding planners negotiating the rentals, equipment will not a concern.

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