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Margherita with a straw, Pink Panther, Virgin Mary, Apple Martini and the evergreen Cosmopolitan, well, service please!

At a time when all cocktail parties feel the same, with identical drinks and beats, there's an overpowering need for some fine Event Planners who can make your cocktail a memorable one. It starts with inviting your most loved celebs- dancers, bands, performers, singers, instrumentalists, comedians and so on. Next up, we'd help you with a fine DJ- one of India's best. With the entertainment going, rest assured- you've taken off on a strong note.

And them it comes down to the chilled mocktails, iced cocktails and sizzling snacks! Well, finding the perfect caterer and deciding upon an adequate menu was never easier. From the traditional chicken tikkas, Chinese poppers and dahi kebabs to a range of innovative takes on the pineapple canopy, Chinese style idlis, grilled lemon salmon and so on. Here's presenting a wide range of options to choose from, from around the globe. Mexican, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, American, French and more! If you are the kind of person who loves the conventional pub first courses, or someone who'd like a funky twist to your food- we are your people. Hearty foodies ourselves, we couldn't enjoy serving the best food more. With a promise of taste, sizzle and juice, we hope to serve you sometime soon.

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Right before we get down and sloshy, here's a conceptual take on the difference between a good cocktail and a grand one. Having enjoyed some phenomenal cocktail evenings ourselves- corporate and personal- we have come to realize that themes are magical, indeed. From angel's heaven to snow dipped, from ice and chills to firey storm- most cocktails pick up an exciting theme, build a superstrong concept around them- from colours to dress codes, and décor to greetings- it all converges to an incredible central idea. And then, the beats play along (sly word play :p). With everything in sync, an electrifying night it is. So, for some fresh ideas on a magnetic cocktail evening, reach out, soon!

And then, the core of the story. Well, who doesn't like a mojito- virgin or not. Couple that up with some classy smoothies, a range of flavoured iced teas, some blended chocolate and a coffee hit- it'll make for the non- alcohol lovers' paradise. And for the ones who don't mind a dash of spirit, it's the times of the wines! Classy much- the red, the white and the sparkle- it's all there. Would like a peppy touch? Well, tequila- on the rocks. And if a little mixing doesn't hurt, the jager bomb shots, vodka, LITs and whiskey await their turn.

So, spice it up and ring us up, today!

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