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Ghoriwala, Baggi and Palki Services

An Indian wedding is never complete without its rituals and one of the foremost and oldest traditions is the use of the Ghori as transport for the groom. He arrives lavishly on a horse much to the awe of all around. Some groom’s prefer to take it a step forward and use a Baggi (chariot) with a rider as well. Palki on the other hand, denotes the entry of the bride, with her loved ones. She moves slowly towards the groom accompanied by her relatives. The Palki is specially decorated with vibrant and bright colours for the bride.

We at Jubilation Events and Weddings honour this tradition of Hindu matrimony and offer these services at the best rates. The Ghoris, Baggis and Wedding Palkis we provide are beautifully decorated and full of petals and flowers. They add a charm to the groom’s and bride’s entry. We also offer the option of allowing our clients to decorate them on their own if they wish to. The Ghori comes with all the necessary accessories including the caretaker.

Going classic is definitely still a choice preferred by many. Although luxury cars have been in demand, yet many grooms prefer the Ghoriwala entrance to give it a more authentic feel. If you feel the same, contact us and we will arrange it for you. Don’t hesitate to share any concerns you might have with us.Your satisfaction is our priority.

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