special wedding artists in delhi


Arguably the most elaborate and fun filled celebration of one's lifetime, a wedding has to be filled with beats that inspire the feet, music that soothes the soul, dance that excites the heart, and well, a DJ that lets you dance through the night!

We at Jubilation Events take great pride in our network of the best wedding artists in India. For those of you with a slightly more global take on weddings, we also have a growing network of international performers who'll be happy to fly down and be a part of your wedding.

Some tunes catch our imagination, despite their initial intent, others are a tad bit more specific to their purpose, and we love them both. Be it your all time favourite beats, that you'd love to be performed live, or songs meant for the big fat Indian wedding, we have it taken care of. To add the extra special spark that you wedding could definitely do with, we also have on offer some extra special wedding artists, who could make the celebrations rocket sky high.

If you haven't been blown away by the melodious sufi singers, and if your feet haven't given we, we present to you the best of Indian tradition. We haven't heard anything more peaceful and soothing than the flute. Lord Krishna's weapon of charm, the flute adds a shade of royal elegance that is beyond occasions. So, if you'd like a peaceful evening with your friends & Family, or a flute score as your palms soak in the colour of the Mehendi, the flute it shall be.

Scores of harmony and quite some peace later, table beats can add the extra something to your celebrated wedding. With some of the best table players, shenai walas, sangeet walas and accordion players, we promise that your wedding will never have a dull moment. And of course, the dhol! Amidst dry colour and rose petals, the dhol adds to a wedding like nothing else can.

So, the best wedding planners in Delhi are here with a complete package-dancers from around the world, accomplishes stage anchors and wedding hosts, dance troupes and stunt men, the best DJs, the most popular celebrities and the best of special wedding artists. Here's inviting you to choose your preferred beats, and leave it to us to make your wedding melodiously delightful.

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