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A moment of happiness, a leap of faith and a world of difference. A wedding is never complete unless the groom makes his princess wear a very special garland of flowers, and the bride makes him dawn the varmala. And, a singular moment marks transformed destinies. In an exchange of flowers, and in their pleasant fragrance grows the love of a lifetime. A traditional ceremony it may well be, but the Jaimala is a ceremony to be cherished by the bride and groom for life. It's their big moment, on their big day.

The wedding industry is thriving with professionals who invest most, if not all of their time building ideas to ensure that the Jaimala is the most special of all wedding events, that in all its simplicity, the Jaimala carries a shade of royalty from another time. In a technologically empowered world, the possibilities are endless. We believe that your jaimala should be like no other, and we strive to create personalized themes that tell your special story.

Accelarator Jaimala

Big Mandir Jaimala

Diamond Jaimala

Heart Jaimala

Kalash Jaimala

Lotus Jaimala

LED Jaimala

Statue of Liberty Jaimala

Titanic Jaimala

Our past weddings have showcased an astounding number of themes. The thoroughly Indian, and yet very royal include the Rajput theme, the Rajwada theme, the Darabr-e- khas theme, the Ramayana theme, the Hawan-Kund theme, the union of gods theme, the Mughal theme, among several other personalized variations. The elegant and simple like the Church theme, the Moon and the stars theme, the staircase theme, the snow theme, the island theme, the diamond ring and more have found their way to our weddings too. Inspired by the lands ashore are the London Bridge theme, the Golden Gate theme, the NYC theme, the Casino Royale theme, the Eiffel Tower theme, the Opera House theme and more.

Interesting recent additions include themes inspired by the movies. The Titanic theme being the most loved, Deewani Jawaani and the evergreen DDLJ make for themes that are bound to make your head turn. Also popular are the lotus theme, the heart theme, the ice theme, the revolving world theme, among others.

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An exciting take on the jaimala are the sci-fi themes, ranging from space ship themes, to fly in the sky themes, helicopter flower showers and parachute themes. In case of beach weddings, exciting options for the more adventurous include the paragliding theme and the surfboard theme.

With a spread of themes to choose from, and an expert team to ideate new themes for your special day, a Jaimala was never as personalized. The best wedding planners in Delhi work with technical experts and aesthetically gifted decorators to bring to life Jaimala ideas that you haven't heard of. So, here's to a Jaimala conceptualized in heaven, crafted on earth. Oh, then, how about a heaven and earth theme?

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