Wedding Entertainment in Delhi


Cheer, joy, excitement and grandeur- the basic ingredients of a big fat India wedding. The bride and groom set sail to a life together. A 3 to 8 day event marks a turn of events that transforms them from individuals lost in their own world to a pair, bound together for the better or worse. In all its might, solemn it is and we are here to make it as happy and memorable as you might imagine. We aspire to bring together an entertainment package for you and your loved ones that makes your wedding an experience of a lifetime- for everyone you know.

The entertainment industry is, by and large, expanding at an unprecedented rate. It is no more than necessary for the Best Wedding Planners in India to build and maintain a network of the best artists. We at Jubilation have grown with the industry, and know it from the outside in. With an ever-expanding network and more than a little experience making people happy, ensuring that the best artists in India find their way to your wedding is simple. A special add on is our technical expertise and thus, innovations around disco lights, laser flashes and theme based dance floors.

Tum jo aaye, baat ban gayi
The likes of Shahrukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra and Varun Dhawan regularly grace wedding functions, setting the dance floor on fire like never before. Dance troupes, who may or may not be led by the most popular of Bollywood do a massive lot add to the spice. Grand, oh yeah! With the stage set for every performance and all individual needs taken care of, little is left to fate. Our technical team ensures perfect sound systems and impeccable lightening, the theme & décor team adds the vital flavor of elegance to the masala, and we make you the stars of the night with little effort. So, let's rock the dance floor, tonight!

Tak thanak dhan
Celeb dancing is great, but a great DJ who'll get you and your guests on your feet is a must, without further thought. With the Best DJs Setup in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Bangalore a phone call away, your preferred style of music will make it to your wedding, in style. Be it closed door disc cocktails, or a high octane open air setting, we will get the lights flashing and the speakers blaring- after all some of the country's best DJs are in town! We have never enjoyed peppy numbers more than in the weddings of loved ones, and we believe that a family that dances together, stays together. So, nach le ve!

Geet madhur hain
And in all the glamour of the new age, we can't get away with a sulky tauji and unimpressed baa, can we? Well, let's finish it off with exceptionally talented sufi singers who'll hit the notes just right and will spread the smiles for miles. But, what about the 20 something cousin, who came to your wedding looking for ideas for her own? Let's inspire! Honey Singh, Badshah, Mika and their contemporaries are on their way. All smiles, we hope

And having done what we do best, we hope you are all thoroughly entertained. Our expertise lies in merging your wedding celebration with the grandeur of the entertainment industry, and boom, a big fat Indian wedding it is!

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