Band Baaja Baaraat in Delhi


As pious as we believe weddings to be, they are actually a lot of fun. Beyond the depth of transition, and the magnanimity of the union of two families, Indian weddings are about a lot more. The beats of the dhol, a subtle tequila shot, the Indian moves- ingredients for the perfect wedding cocktail, and well, they are on our service menu!

Well, we are passionate people who work hard to make you special day extraordinary, but the bit we enjoy most is making it spicy and enjoyable. We love the fact that in the middle of the overwhelms of a wedding, there's space for lighthearted gossip, carefree dance and well, a walk down the road. It's fascinating to know that lights, music and the wedding band can do enough to make hundreds walk a long road- happy and gay, and dancing so to reach the wedding venue, that the wedding shehnai spreads the kind of warmth that; peculiar to Indian weddings and that the fun so beautifully complements enormity.

Band Baaja Baaraat in India
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Baaja Baaraat in delhi
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And, doesn't the atmosphere of the baarat take the wedding experience to a different level? Can any of us, ever, imagine a wedding experience without the beats of life, the colours of traditional attire, the generator lit lights and the ghodi? Certainly not. Well, we are here to help you notch it up a bit, and add a shade some spice to your extra special day. From the mundane tasks of getting permissions, finding a well fed and happy ghodi, making sure that the generator is powered up to the more exciting ones that allow a thunka and a twist every now and then, we will take it up with pride.

As Delhi's best wedding planners come together to plan the details of the band and baja, and to get your beloved baraatis dancing, here's the Jubilation promise of a personalized and innovative twist. Weddings never started better, and the masti was never as stress free. Have the time of your life, enjoy the one festival you get with all your loved ones. As for the immense work and the chaos of keeping everything together- your highness, we are at your service!

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