Destination Wedding


Are you looking for an exquisite wedding set in a location that isn't quite home? Would you want to borrow the beauty of some of the most popular wedding destinations for your special day? Has the potential work behind your dream wedding been bothering you?

Well, destination weddings couldn't get any simpler- from sending out invites to making sure that all your guests are happy till the very last minute, we do it all! The beaches in Goa, the palaces in Jodhpur, the lake in Udaipur, the hills of the North and the cruise liner to Dubai- they all have a natural charm that makes weddings glisten. Being our favourite kinds, we work super hard to make sure that your destination wedding is absolutely perfect. All you have to do is pick the place, and some of India's finest Destination Wedding Planners will do their best to charm your guests off their feet. Other destinations, albeit off beat, that make for wonderful wedding spots include the Konkani coast, the hills in Coorg, international destinations including Thailand, Mauritius and pattaya, Jaipur, Lonavla, Kerala and of course.

Here's what we do- we read up on the place you choose, and then plan a visit to take in the beauty of your chosen city/ country/ region. We spend some time exploring the Best Wedding Venues and let you choose your best liked. The venue research is exhaustive- the internet, testimonials and a personal visit. We make sure that you experience the best. We then work with you to send out the best possible invites to all your guests and help them through all their travel needs. We make sure that their travel is arranged to their convenience. Once they arrive, we receive them with the utmost hospitality peculiar to Indian tradition. In addition, the wedding venues are decorated with great care by Delhi's most experienced decorators. Your chosen theme speaks to your guests through the colours you choose. India's most popular artists travel to be a part of your special day! Perfection is our aim, and we like to believe that we deliver. We ensure the availability of personal stylists for you and your loved ones. Pre wedding shoots, cuisine based food selection, catering, stage set up, photography, live music, sound management and yes, entertainment- it's all taken care of, and cost effectively so!

We are super excited to gift you a beautiful wedding at some of the prettiest destinations, are you?

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