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If you could match the intricate embroidery of your rich gold lehenga with the bronze of the Udaipur palace, gliding into the wedding night towards your husband and a hundred starry-eyed guests – wouldn't you? If you could sit in your pearly white gown, silver embellished tiara under the stars and surround yourself by a surreal lake that just about reflects the night sky – wouldn't you?

Jubilation aspires to help you experience a wedding like no other, making each part of the 15 day affair unique and extraordinary. Like taking the baraat on a boat ride to your vast, palatial wedding destination decorated in majestic colours of your taste. Like getting a surreal shot of you as you take your wedding vows in the backdrop of a sunset at a Goa beach. Like, arranging for two beautiful white horses to draw your carriage upto a colossal, heritage palace, ready for a celebration like never before.

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Exotic Wedding Venues
Exotic Venues in Delhi

Be it at the top of the hills of Mussoorie, or among the pearls of Hyderabad, or even the glam of the ITC Bharat, Jubilation helps you make your dream wedding come to life in your choice of a luxury venue. Better though, is when we give you an option of having a luxurious wedding at a destination back at your home town. With complexes like Chattarpur in Delhi, Jubilation can help you experience a dream destination wedding right in your own town.

If you could let us take you through history, make you live your wedding where royal weddings have been held for centuries, wouldn't you?

Exotic Venues in India
Best Exotic Venues in India
Best Exotic Venues in Delhi

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