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The Dalai Lama has come up with some exceedingly relevant and inspiring analogies, and the sea makes for an exceptionally useful one. The lama believes that one's views of the sea are likely to be congruent to one's views on life. Well, arguable much, but the beauty and enormity of the sea stand undebatable. And in all their magnanimity, they complement weddings perfectly.

If we weren't huge fans of Destination Weddings already, beach weddings notch it up significantly. The sweet- salty fragrance of the water, the rejuvenating breeze, the soothing weather, the scenic beauty, the luscious sea food, the heart throbbing DJs and more- beach wedding offer more than you'd imagine.

Well, just imagine- you with your closest pals a couple of days prior to the big day. Sunbathing in hope of the perfect tan, sipping on Sangria and flaunting some light and summery dresses. Or if you are the groom, flaunting your newest glares as you walk by the water to share a few drinks with your significant other. To us, it sounds like the free dream, devoid of any conventions whatsoever.

Beach Wedding Planners
Top Beach Wedding in India
Beach Wedding in India
Top Beach Wedding

Be it Goa, the Konkan coast, the backwaters of Kerala, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Barcelona or California, the Best Wedding Planners in Delhi will make sure that your wedding is one of a kind. Perfect for the young at heart, beach weddings are about more than just their all so popular merits, They are also about great weather, stress-free celebration and a perfect vacation. With venues to fit any budget, beach weddings are the most flexible of wedding options, and the most eventful too. Water sports, paragliding and great pictures- we've got you covered!

So, call your friends and family, pack your bags and spread the word- your wedding is going to be a grand vacation. It's time for you to pledge to a lifetime of togetherness with the love of your life amidst the land, the water and fresh air. It's time to experience beauty at its best, at a time as significant.

Here's hoping to create for you an exciting and made-to-order wedding itinerary!

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