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Corporate events have been there since the old ages. Be it known as a tea party or a conference of all business leaders. A good corporate event not only depicts the values and efficiency of an organization but also the leadership...


Exhibitions have since long have been competitive and marketing arena. Organizations hold exhibitions for various purposes such as attracting new talent , marketing services to the right customers and increasing your...


It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. Making a good impression of oneself is a challenge in the market but making a good impression of your brand and company is undoubtedly a bigger challenge...
Everything right from the formal business suits to elegant décor and catching the attention of the right audience, corporate events are blossoming at a very high rate nowadays. Which company wouldn’t hesitate to allocate its financial resources to an event when the returns on the investment are very fruitful? Surely, any company would easily indulge in planning and executing these corporate events. Whether your company plans to hold an event for marketing, generating new leads, reward the hardworking employees, introduce new strategies or do a product launch, Jubilation has dozens of corporate events to choose from that will aid you in achieving your goal. The decision of making the right choice about the corporate event is very important as the small aspects of the event can affect or alter your end results.

These corporate events are now emerging as a nouvelle event planning concept for many companies. With the help of these events, one can strengthen its image in the market or it can act as a catalyst in increasing the sales of your company. It not only involves executives but also has active involvement of the higher level management. The stakeholders and the employees are also sometimes part of these corporate events, depending upon the situation and the audience you want to reach. This formal meet-up with the people from your workplace results in establishing healthy relationships amongst different departments. The formation of unity and the delivery of your goal are clear when you host a corporate event.

These days, companies are opting to spend a lot on these corporate events. The reason being simple behind this act is that these corporate events result in having a positive effect on the company in many ways. Different types of conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs, brand promotions, market promotions, road shows, corporate activities and many more are different types of corporate events that Jubilation covers. The most interesting part of these corporate events is the venue at which it is held. Companies are trying out new and unique venues that instantly capture one’s attention. Jubilation has a whole package of new trends that makes it stand out from the crowd.

One of the many important aspects that the corporate event planners have to take care of is that they have to ensure that the attendees of the event have a wonderful experience at the event. The people who attend the event must leave with a positive attitude towards the company. Not to worry. The best corporate event planner of the town are available to guarantee that the attendees have a world class experience at the corporate event.
Talking about the latest trends in the corporate event planning world, companies are now sometimes opting for a slightly semi-formal presentation in order to lighten the mood of the executives, top level personnel, employees or business partners. The idea is to have a corporate event that has a different environment than that of their regular office. Hence, the companies hold these events at different locations such as luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, country clubs etc. It completely depends on you to choose the correct corporate event for your company, which fulfils your needs completely.

We are the connoisseurs of corporate event planning as we make sure that the details are perfectly taken care of. A corporate event can never be successful without giving full attention to the tiniest details. We indulge in executing intelligently planned marketing and promotional strategies that set us apart from our competitors. The whole aura of the event should be perfectly aligned with a company’s objective. The venue, décor, technical support, lights etc are the small details that give life to the corporate events. Jubilation takes all these small aspects, weaves them together to create the best corporate event ever.

Due to the proliferation of technology, innovative and creative ideas can be implemented easily and effectively to grow the networking at these corporate events. Earlier the attendees used just roam around here and there or maybe just sit in a corner waiting for an opportunity but nowadays there are various apps that can help you grow your contacts at such events. The employees generally look forward to attend such corporate events as they get to learn from their managers and industry experts. Speaking more about the impact of technology and mass usage of smart phones, the best corporate event planners are able to communicate very easily with the attendees for various things related to the event such as registration, personalized delivery of information, brochure, schedule, activities, contact details etc.

The corporate event planners are undoubtedly the experts when it comes to planning and executing such events in a perfect manner. Since, a corporate event is such a big deal and requires the investment of both time and money, it is best to let the event planners take control of the event so that you can completely focus on achieving the goal. We ensure that you get double returns of what you have invested in organizing the corporate event. In organizing an event for your company, there are possibilities of crossing the set budget. No worries. The best corporate event planners even take care of the money spending and don’t let you spend over the top. Everything is planned in a detailed manner. We guarantee to provide our clients with the most formal, professional and entertaining corporate events. Contact us to achieve your goals in a better way!