Making most out of conferences is not an easy task. There are lots of presentations, conversations and meet-ups. It is very difficult to find where to focus your time and figure out which sessions are worth your time, Deciding whether to meet up someone or attend the keynote can be tricky. Below are a few tips to help you to make the most of the conference :-

1) Connect More
Professional conferences are unavoidable. At some point in your work you will have to attend the conference. You might be an introvert and possibly think of calling it off for the day but it is highly advised not to miss on conferences. You would be wasting a brilliant chance of networking. It more important in today’s world where networking is what is one of the many reasons which supports in achieving personal and professional goals. The fact that technology has connected people from extreme ends of the world, it makes face-to-face interaction of even more value.

2) Introduce Yourself First
Having a clear idea of what the conference is about is important. It is good to pre-introduce yourself to the person of your interest. It is important to make a wish list of the people you want to meet. Also , dropping them an email saying that you would definitely visit their session. It is very difficult to present at a conference and requires quite a lot of courage. The biggest fear one has that no one would turn up for their session. In case the person of interest is not presenting, it would be wise invite them over coffee or attending a session of interest with the person.
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3) At Your Own Pace
If plunging into a crowd makes you uneasy, you’ve got to take initiative to create a situation where you feel comfortable. Perhaps one-on-one meetings are better for you or small group settings. If so, make a reservation at a local restaurant for about eight people before the conference. Then invite people from your wish list. You want it to be a mix of people you know and people you would like to get to know better. Tell them you’re bringing together a group of interesting people and you’d like them to join.

4) Listen more- Talk less
When you’re attending a semi-professional, semi-social networking situation — such as a group dinner or conference cocktail reception — your goal is to allow enough space for others to show their skills. Harness quiet power by asking thoughtful questions and listening carefully to how others respond. Having conversation starters at the ready can make small talk more palatable. For example, you might ask: “Which work project are you most excited about right now?” or “Which session are you most excited to attend?” If you’ve invited people together, it’s also important that you “exert sufficient control” of the situation. Also make sure people are interacting with and getting to know each other.

I believe the above mentioned points should be able to help you to get a grip of the conference.