Make your birthday a big hit with our Hip Hop artists!

This year hire this Break Dance Crew from Delhi which will instantly become a hit at your upcoming event due to their versatility and originality. This break dance group captivated them all with their fusion of breakdancing and classical music!Our dancer’s explosive fusion of classical melodies and street dance makes them popular among people of all ages. With shows that appeal to audiences of all sorts and tastes, this break dance crew’s routines are the perfect way to introduce young people to classical music and old school generations to urban rhythms. They have it all!

Breakdancing, hip hop, dancing and aerobatics – our hip hop dancing act has it all. Our hip hop dancers are full of energy and excitement that will bring a new dimension of entertainment to your event. Our professional Hip Hop dancers have expertly crafted routines that combine hip hop and breakdancing moves to brilliant effect. Our male break-dancers are sure to captivate your audience with their seemingly impossible dance moves and our female hip hop dancers that accompany them are talented performers that are full of rhythm and funk! The professional choreography and brilliant sound tracks perfectly bring these two genres together to provide a truly impressive performance that works well for the birthday girl/boy.

Our hip hop dance act is perfect for birthday functions. Whether it be a big birthday party or a a small one, our hip hop dancers bring with them the fun and energetic entertainment you have been looking for. Our female break-dancers are known for their ability to engage with the audience. Why not hire our fantastic break-dancers to get the birthday boy up on the dance floor to learn some professional dance moves? Our dance crew can provide a many a fantastic photo opportunity with guests too – why not encourage your guests to take photos with our dancers? This is a great idea especially during the finale when our hip hop dancers will have your guests on the dance floor battling it out!

Extremely versatile, these performers can create fully bespoke street dance performances especially for your event, and even adapt their choreographies to music of your choice if classical music doesn’t coincide with your preferences. Our break dancers can also wear branded clothing and adapt to many different performance spaces. Available in different lineups, this break dance crew will be happy to adapt to each specific brief. They can create interactive spaces at your event and invite people to try your new product, create routines wearing your new clothing line or even teach people some basic break dance moves!

Street dance performances are a popular entertainment option for a wide range of occasions particularly birthdays! Whatever the occasion, these break dancers are guaranteed to become the focal point at your event. Based in Delhi, our break dance group is available for performances across Delhi and across NCR. Call Birthday on Call – the best birthday party organisers in delhi ncr now to book them!

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