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Who doesn’t like glamour and stardom at their event. We all want our event to be on the front page and be memorable for all our guests. It’s a great thing to have them talking about your event for a long time. Jubilation Events and Weddings can make that happen for you. We have a huge list of the most renowned and talked about celebrities that will add the much-needed hype to any event.

Be it a wedding, a corporate party, a music party or even a birthday surprise, we provide celebrities for every occasion. We charge at rates much lower than other celebrity management companies.

Ours is a phenomenal platform that really believes in engaging their artists with clients. Celebrities include not just models and actors, but musicians and entertainers as well. There’s all the more reason for the guests to remain engaged. These stunning artists have made their name in the world of music and TV and on occasion are available to perform for corporate events, private parties, festivals and more.

We have been booking celebrities for different events for many years and our experience in working behind the scenes, with guidance and advice along the way, to ensure that all runs smoothly, brings peace of mind for clients and creates exciting and memorable events. We advise you to book them at the earliest with us to ensure availability as well as the best price. We will surely help you spice up your event!

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